poolThe Rec Department's goal is to keep Recreation Center passes affordably priced.

We will sell a limited number of non-resident summer and yearly passes beginning January 2 every year based on supply and demand.

Click the links below for important membership information and forms:

Remember that you must come to the center to sign-up! Don't forget to bring proof of residency.

Resident Yearly Passes & Application Form

Toddler (ages 2 & under)
Child (ages 12 & under)
Student (ages 13-18)
Full-Time Student (ages 19-23)
Adult (ages 19-59)
Married Couple
Senior (ages 60 & over)

Besides our regular yearly membership packages for residents, we also offer packages for individuals and groups who work in our city.

Employee Yearly Passes & Application Form

Individual Adult
Married Couple
Full-Time Student (ages 19-23)

*Student's parent must be a full-time employee and also a member.

Business/Corporate Passes

For information on the business/corporate membership packages we offer, please click here.

Non-Resident Yearly Passes & Application Form

Adult (ages 19-59)
Married Couple
$200 or $20/month

Below is a chart depicting the new membership rates and categories that will go into effect on March 1, 2016. You may purchase/extend your pass prior to this date and get the current rate and category. We will add one year from the date your current pass expires. For example, if your pass expires July 1, 2016 and you purchase before March 1, 2016 to get the current rate, your pass will not expire until July 1, 2017!!!

SilverSneaker/Prime Fitness Program Passes & Application Form (check with your health insurance company to see if you're eligible for these programs or go to www.silversneaker.com)

Guest Policies

Guests do NOT need to be accompanied by a member to purchase a guest pass!

The cost of a resident guest pass is $4 for ages 3-59 and $3 for ages 60+ (ages 2 & under are free).

The cost of a non-resident guest pass is $10 (ages 2 & under are free).

We will not sell daily non-resident guest passes on Thursdays. Thursdays are Members and Resident Guests ONLY Day. Residents who want to purchase a daily pass will still pay $4 for ages 3-59 and $3 for ages 60 & above (proof of residency...which includes a current driver's license, current utility bill, current credit card bill or current insurance card... is required).

Anyone purchasing a guest pass ages 16 & 17 will be required to show a picture ID, anyone purchasing a guest pass ages 18 & above will be required to show a driver's license or state ID which will be scanned through our Lobby Guard System (this system cross references ID's against the National Sexual Offender List).

Any resident who is on active duty in the military may use the center for FREE! Just show us proof of residency and a Military ID.Fitness Area

Anyone who works or trains for the military in the City of Middleburg Heights can also use the center for FREE! Again, just show us proof! 

Recruiters or other military personnel may bring in a prospect to conduct physical testing for FREE. This is our way of saying "Thanks" for your service to our country.

Gift Certificates are available for any membership category that applies. Stop in and see our Front Desk Staff!

Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

Do you have to be a resident to be a member?

No, non-residents can purchase a yearly membership as an individual (ages 19-59), married couple, family (children under 19) or senior (age 60+). Memberships are sold starting January 2 for a limited time. Yearly non-resident members are eligible for all member rates in Learn to Swim classes, programs, rentals and athletic programs.

How do you become a SilverSneaker?

Check with your insurance company to see if they provide this benefit. You can also go to www.silversneakers.com for details on the program.

What age does senior rate begin?

Regular Membership - Age 60
Silver Sneaker Membership - Age 65

Does a membership include any classes?

Silver Sneaker Memberships include Silver Sneaker Classes only. Other memberships do not include any classes.

What is the definition of family?

Family is defined as 5 directly related individuals which includes a maximum of 2 adults and up to 3 children, stepchildren, or foreign exchange students under the age of 19 who reside at the same residence, ($20.00 each child after 5th member) or, 1 adult and up to 4 (after which $20.00 per child). NOT included are extended relatives (cousins, in-laws, etc.). Final determination will be made by the Front Desk. Any falsification of information will result in forfeiture of membership fees and revoked membership. State Law determines definition of Married Couples for purposes of Membership.

At what age can a child be in the center without an adult?

8 years old.